There are many avenues to engagement

Every time we tried a new social marketing tactic, whether it was theater, art contests or music concerts, we found new kids we hadn’t previously reached. And just as we learned that different kinds of events brought out different kids, we also discovered that certain events were more likely to bring parents out, too. Parents, for example, love to see what their kids have produced, so art shows and plays are a good draw for them.

We also learned that tapping in to larger events that are already prominent in the community is a great way to engage community leaders—and in turn the media that follow them. For example, we participated in a big monthly art walk event that we have here in Wichita, which we knew the mayor would attend. He brought a lot of media and other local leaders with him so we were able to get some great exposure for our work. The lesson there was to find events that will attract the people who attract other people!